If you’re having something printed – we can probably reduce your costs

While Media Support Services specialises in newsletters because we firmly believe they can be one of the best marketing tools available, we’re frequently called upon for other tasks which we’re more than happy to do.

Among the tasks frequently undertaken is the development of catalogues and the production of sales letters, brochures, reports and the text for websites.

With respect to catalogues – printed or on-line we undertake their full development or simply upgrade them to give a greater level of salesmanship within the text.

Because of our strong print buying power we’re often able to save clients a bundle on their printing jobs.

 Next time you’re  needing a brochure, flyer or catalogue or something of this nature call us. We’re happy to provide you with a quote.

And by the way, we’re equipped with a packaging machine for the dispatch of newsletters and brochures so if the novelty of inserting things into envelopes and using the slow process of a photo copier for mail merging envelopes has worn off, call us.

We can save you a considerable amount of time at a very reasonable cost.

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