Date:January 21, 2013

Brochures, Flyers and Advertisements

In providing a copy writing service for clients using, brochures, flyers and advertisements in their marketing mix we’re always conscious of the need to create material that will in effect, strive to be  a ‘salesman in print’.

It’s our belief an enormous percentage of advertisements and brochures are a complete waste of money – they fail to grab people’s attention and interest – and if they’re failing to do that, we see no point in producing them and believe clients are better off to not waste their money.

For us to keep our own personal ethics in order  we have to believe in what we do – hence we flatly refuse to produce the traditional ‘one step advertisement’  with the name of the company at the top and  a few bullet points below as seen in so many newspapers and magazines. As far as we’re concerned clients and other graphic design houses produce them because they know no better.