Date:January 21, 2013


Newsletters are the ideal tool for businesses wanting to maintain contact with clients and for nurturing the interest of prospective clients.

Our role in creating them for your business is to meet with you, discuss topics likely to be of interest to your target audience, then write the material and design the publication.  If it is a printed publication we organise the printing and we can package and post. With respect to electronic publications we write and design them – and we can despatch them for you.

In undertaking this role we gain an understanding of exactly who the target audience is we’re writing for and what motivates them to be interested in the products or services you’re offering. The aim is to create material that your customers will find to interesting and useful. When newsletters are created correctly they can be one of the few business promotional tools that your prospective customers actually welcome.

In creating newsletters and property marketing reports for Real Estate Agents we meet with the real estate agent or,  for country  agents, discuss topics happening in their locality over the telephone.

We make a point of writing about local content for real estate publications because the key factors that home owners want to know is:

  • How local property prices are faring
  • The demand for property in the area
  • Examples of how others have fared in selling or investing
  • Whether there’s anything arising that will endanger or enhance local property values.

Local content is the key because it’s what will position the agent as the expert, the authority on the area and if we can build that perception in people’s minds the chances of the agent being called for an appraisal and for getting their listings increases considerably.

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