Date:January 21, 2013

Property Market Report

Does your agency have the profile in your community that it needs to win a greater share of the listings?

Here’s how you can gain greater recognition and build an image of being the district’s leading authority on its property market

Dear agency principal,

At the risk of offending you I have to say this… One of the strange anomalies of the real estate industry is that many agents are great sales people, but lousy marketers.

What I mean is you’re highly accomplished in the art of selling properties and in presenting your services for winning listings, but when it comes to the actual promotion of your agency to make it stand out from the others and be noticed, most agents simply don’t cut it.

Please let me tell you why…

Remarkably few real estate agents appreciate that from the point of view of the local home owners in an area, you all seem much the same. You have similar offices, you use similar marketing methods, you all say much the same thing in a listing presentation.

In marketing terms, it’s called ‘parity marketing’ and when parity marketing occurs you see discounting, transient sales personnel and sometimes unethical practices to win clients.

An absolute gift!

But there’s one further aspect that from a marketing point of view is an absolute gift – if you capitalise on it: The gift is that you very rarely see real estate agencies valued in their communities as they should be.

Let’s face it, if the local newsagency was to close shop, most people would see it as a calamity for their area, but if a real estate agency closed shop it would hardly be noticed.

Yet which one really and truly is the more important?

Unfortunately real estate agencies are not valued as much because most agencies fail to have significance in the day to day lives of the residents of the community. And it is this that you can capitalise on – if you market your agency properly!

If you would like to have an agency that stands out from the crowd and is recognised as the area expert so that people when selling their homes automatically think of you – here’s what you must consider:

  1. How can you stand out from other agents so homeowners notice you?
  2. How can you have a continuing relevance in people’s lives – even when they’re not giving consideration to buying or selling?
  3. How can you build a perception in people’s minds that you’re the area expert?

There’s two ways of doing it…

Advertise like hell – like Bunnings does for example so that when you think ‘hardware’ you automatically think of Bunnings – or create a form of marketing that is going to be meaningful to the residents so they find it of value and the source of it registers with them.

We have found the most effective route to achieving this is through the use of a specialised Property Market Report.
It must be stressed from the onset that a specialised Property Market Report has to focus on the local area because you must provide something of interest and of value to people.

This is quite different to the type of generic newsletter or fancy booklet of homes for sale that franchise organisations love to produce.

Here’s what you have to supply to people if you want them to regard you as the area property market expert

Property owners who are not at the point of being ready to sell, generally do not have much interest in real estate. If they did, they’d be real estate agents.

However, they’re nearly always interested in:

  • What is happening to local property values
  • What the demand is like for property in their area
  • Whether there’s anything arising that will endanger or enhance local property values
  • How other people in the area have fared when they have sold or invested

By becoming the regular source of that information you gain recognition and build a perception in people’s minds that you’re not only different from your competition, but you’re the authority – the area expert.

And when that occurs you gain a much easier entry into becoming the agent chosen to handle their listing when they finally decide to sell.

In a nutshell…

There’s three levels of marketing you need to be doing

  • marketing to obtain listings
  • marketing the listings
  • marketing the agency

Effective marketing of the agency makes your marketing to obtain listings significantly easier. And when you have listings, on most occasions running an agency becomes a whole lot easier… and that means

  • Happier sales staff
  • A more profitable agency
  • A better lifestyle for agency owners
  • Greater value of the agency if and when the agency is sold

The key to making a Property Market Report work effectively for you is to do it correctly.
If you make the material flagrantly promotional it will fail.

There is a balance to getting the content right so that your area’s homeowners find the material interesting to read as well as giving the credence and recognition that you deserve for producing it.

That’s where Media Support Services comes in.

We’re specialists in this field, having been in real estate ourselves and having produced Property Market Reports for agencies in Perth, Sydney and Adelaide for over a period of 11 years.
The following is the process we adopt to create an effective quarterly Property Market Report:

  • We undertake a study of the statistics relating to your locality so that we have a good understanding of your property market.
  • One of our journalists meets with you at your office every 3 months to discuss topics related specifically to the property market in your area.
  • Once we’ve written and designed the publication a pdf is sent to you so that you can inspect the publication to ensure you’re happy with it.
  • We fully understand that it is a reflection on you and we’re happy to make any alteration you feel is necessary
  • We are happy to explain to your sales personnel how they can gain maximum usage from the publication
  • Please note we only serve one client per region.

Obviously you need to see samples of our work and ascertain the costs.

It would be our pleasure to explain them in detail to you so please call us on 1300 557 660 or email to arrange a time to meet.

Do call us now… because you can take advantage of a special introductory offer that we have available…

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